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Success! WELDGA80A696 is of the standard HIN type called Current-Format HIN. If you are buying this boat/craft then you should get the Boat-Alert History for 19.99$ from this certified boat history report provider.

WEL = Wellcraft Boats (oob) (Out of Business)
DGA80 = Boat Serial Number
A6 = Manufactured January 1996
96 = Model year 1996

HIN Decoder Details for WELDGA80A696:

Our HULL ID Decoder breaks down the Hull identification number into the following information:

The HIN or CIN you have entered meets the Current-Format HIN format. It might also be a type that contains the country code and thus the boat comes from USA or Other . The serial number of the HIN is DGA80 and is set by the boat builder. This boat or vessel has a Certification Date of (1996) and a Model Year of 1996 with month of build (January) based on the formatting of your hull_identification_number (HIN) .

The manufacturer identification code (MIC) of your craft identification number (CIN or HIN) is WEL. This MIC (WEL) stands for the company name Wellcraft Boats (oob) which is currently Out of Business. This boat manufacturer has other company names (WEL sometimes goes by these name(s) , , , or ). This could happen if the US Coast Guard reissued the MIC to a new company after one went out of business.

This company (Wellcraft Boats (oob)) is owned by Craig Scholten and is located at 925 Frisbee St in Cadillac state of Mi. It manufactured this vessel and placed your HIN or CIN on the hull. The Parent Company for this boat maker is GENMAR MICHIGAN LLC () Wellcraft Boats (oob) has started making boats, yachts or other watercraft as of 3/16/1981 and went out of business on (1/26/2010) in the following country: USA.

The Model Name is uncertain for this Wellcraft Boats (oob) (WELDGA80A696). But we have approximations: SCARAB or 225CA or 4300 PORTOFINO or ECLIPSE or Coastal 264 or 3200 MARWTINIQUE or 29 SARRIS or CCF or CABIN.
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Make sure to compare the date of boat manufacturing with the dates in which the company was actually in business.

The US Coast guard provides this comment about this watercraft manufacturer: Back In Business, Purchased Assets Of Ski Supreme(supreme Industries) 890411, Wellcraft Is Using Old Ski Supreme Mic On Those Boats.current Info 890620; 911011. Poc Change From Jim Guess To Mark Hudak On Sept 23, 98. Aquasport (aqa) Also At This Location. 010606 Wellcraft Also Importing Excalibur Models From Riviera In Australia.factory Location Moved From Sarasota Fl To Cadillac Mi In July 2008.oct 08 - Updated Info To Reflect Corporate Re-org 100126 - Oob By Report From Successor (pwe).

CompanyWellcraft Boats (oob)
CompanyStatusOut of Business
CompanyAddressCadillac Mi 925 Frisbee St

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We did a search and no U.S. Official Documentation Number for WELDGA80A696 was found at the USCG.
We searched the Official Transport Canada database and WELDGA80A696 did not have a match.

More details at the US Coast Guard.

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There are 8 boat Recalls for your Wellcraft Boats (oob) vessel:

Wellcraft Boats (oob) Boat Recalls for your HIN and MIC: 8.

1-wellcraft Marine Corp Has Recalled Wele0399e889 (hin Or Cin) Due To Gas Tank Ruptured And And This Boat Recall Is Closed. It Applied To 463 Boats From The 1989 28' Coastal Cruiser Model Boats. The Boat Recalls Applied On 11/1/1991 And Was Closed On 4/29/1993 With The Following Comment: Replacing Tankcur #3 Recvd236 Corrected343 1st Purch Notified

2-riviera Marine Has Recalled See Comments (hin Or Cin) Due To Carbon Monoxide And And This Boat Recall Is Closed. It Applied To 45 Boats From The 2002-05 Petrol 47 & 37 Excalibur Model Boats. The Boat Recalls Applied On 10/14/2005 And Was Closed On 8/3/2006 With The Following Comment: 10/31/05-drm- 45 Riviera Marine Boats Models Petrol 47 & 37 Excalibur (imported By Wellcraft Marine Corp (mic: Wel), Four Winns Boats Llc (mic: Gfn), And Pacific Oem Supply Inc (rjh)) Require New Enclosed Bellows Installed On Drive Unit To Reduce Levels Of Carbon Monoxide (co) Accumulation At Cockpit Area. New Bellows Not Applicable For Models With 496 Magnum 375 Hp Mercuiser Engines; A Warning Will Be Added To Keep Middle Window Open Below 10 Knots Speeds For Adequate Ventilation In Cockpit Area. Following Hins: Welhya01d203, Welhya02f203, Gfnea035g203, Gfnea036g203, Gfnea038g203, Gfnea039h203, Gfnea040i203, Gfnea044i203, Weljpa01c102,weljpa02c102, Weljpa03d102, Weljpa04e102, Weljpa05f102, Weljpa06h102, Weljpa07j102, Weljpa08k102, Weljpa09l102, Weljpa10b102, Weljpa01d203, Weljpa02e203, Weljpa03e203, Weljpa04f203, Gfneb037f203, Gfneb044h203, Gfneb047i203, Gfneb055k203, Gfneb059l203, Gfneb065a303, Gfneb066b304, Gfneb068b304, Gfneb074d304, Gfneb074d304, Gfneb075d304, Gfneb078g304, Gfneb082f304, Gfneb083g304, Gfneb085g304, Gfneb086g304, Gfneb088h304, Gfneb103l304, Gfneb104a404, Gfneb106a404, Gfneb107b404, Gfneb112c404, Gfneb113c404, And Rjh43132a505. District 7, 9, & 11. Installation By Qualified Mercury Technician At Nearest Marina To Boat Owner. 010506-drm- Received 1st Cur Dated 21-dec-05, 2 Of 45 Units Corrected. 040406-drm- Received 2nd Cur Dated 04-apr-06, 18 Of 45 Units Corrected And 5 Units Inspected Without Problem. 080306-drm- Received 3rd Cur Dated 03-jul-06, 38 Of 45 Units Corrected; 6 Units Inspected Without Problem; And 1 Refused Repair. This Recall Campaingn Closed On 03-aug-2006.

3-wellcraft Marine Corp Has Recalled Wel (hin Or Cin) Due To Fuel Fill Hose And And This Boat Recall Is Closed. It Applied To 12 Boats From The 2002-03 37 And 47 Excalibur Model Boats. The Boat Recalls Applied On 8/18/2003 And Was Closed On 10/28/2005 With The Following Comment: Boats Were Manufactured In Australia By Riviera For Welcraft. Fuel Fill Hose Not Secured To The Tank Attachment Correctly. One Clamp May Not Overlap Both The Hose And Spud And May Lead To Leakage. See Also 030133s. One Explosion Is Known To Have Occurred Due To This. 10/15/03 Defect/noncompliance Report Recvd. 12 Units. 3 Corrected.+ 02/28/04 3 Units Corrected. 06/01/04 Cur#3 041208 Cur 5 Rcvd. 050303 Cur 6 Rcvd. 072505 Cur 7 Rcvd - 3 Units Corrected. 090205 Cur 8 Rcvd.

4-wellcraft Marine Has Recalled (hin Or Cin) Due To Fuel Fill Fitting Cracks And Fuel Fill Fitting Cracks And This Boat Recall Is Closed. It Applied To 3 Boats From The Model Boats. The Boat Recalls Applied On 9/13/1995 And Was Closed On 10/31/1995 With The Following Comment: Wellcraft Identified Only Three Boats That Had These Fills And They Were Still At The Factory. The Fills Were Replaced.

5-wellcraft Marine Corp. Has Recalled (hin Or Cin) Due To Electrical Standard And Eng Rm Blkhd Isolation And This Boat Recall Is Closed. It Applied To 256 Boats From The 79-81 310 Suncruiser Model Boats. The Boat Recalls Applied On 5/21/1981 And Was Closed On 4/11/1983 With The Following Comment: Cur #9 Recvd

6-wellcraft Marine Corp Has Recalled (hin Or Cin) Due To Electrical A/c Ground And And This Boat Recall Is Closed. It Applied To 1794 Boats From The 1993-97 Excel/welcr 23se 26se 240se 260 Model Boats. The Boat Recalls Applied On 12/16/1997 And Was Closed On 10/21/1999 With The Following Comment: The Following Models; 23se And 26se Built Between 4/93 And 1/97 And The 240se And 260se Built Between 1/97 - 9/97; May Have Been Built Without The 120 Volt Ac Shore Grounding (green Conductor) Connection Between The Shore Power Panel Bus And The Engine Negative Terminal. This Could Result In A Serious Shock Hazard. Defect/non-compliance Report Recvd 2/4/98. 1421 First Purchasers Notified. 183 Distributors Notified. Campaign Update Report #2 Recieved 7/1/98 222 Units Corrected. 29 Units Found To Not Have Problem. 10/28/98 Update #3 Recvd No Change. 1/5/99 Cur#4 Recvd No Change Curs #5 & 6 Received. 228 Units Corrected.

7-wellcraft Marine Corp Has Recalled (hin Or Cin) Due To Fuel Filter - Generator And And This Boat Recall Is Closed. It Applied To 187 Boats From The 2000-01 Various Model Boats. The Boat Recalls Applied On 8/21/2001 And Was Closed On With The Following Comment: Wellcraft And Aquasport Are Replacing The Original Equipment Generator Fuel Filter On 2000 And 2001 Models With The Generator Option. The Original Filter Did Not Meet The Fire Test. 10/15/02. 90 Units At Dealers Have Been Corrected. 47 Units Sold To First Purchasers Have Been Corrected. Total 137 Units Corrected.

8-wellcraft Marine Corp Has Recalled Wel (hin Or Cin) Due To Flooding Around Exhaust And And This Boat Recall Is Closed. It Applied To 163 Boats From The 1996-98 Scarab 19 Foot Jet Model Boats. The Boat Recalls Applied On 5/26/1998 And Was Closed On 11/22/1999 With The Following Comment: Exhaust Tips Could Seperate From Hull Causing Flooding Of Boat. Defect Noncomplaince Report Recvd 7/1/98. Possible 163 Units. 57 First Purchasers Notified 68 Dealers Notified 17 Units Corrected. 10/28/98 Update #1 Recvd 36 Units Corrected. 1/5/99 Cur#2 Recvd 36 Units Corrected.

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