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The manufacturer identification code (MIC) of your craft identification number (CIN or HIN) is DUX. This MIC (DUX) stands for the company name Douglas Marine Corp which is currently In Business. This boat manufacturer code has other company names (DUX sometimes goes by these name(s) if applicable: , , , or ). This could happen if the US Coast Guard reissued the MIC to a new company after the first went out of business.

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This company (Douglas Marine Corp) is owned by Peter Hledin and is located at P O Box 819 in Douglas state of Mi. It manufactured this vessel and placed your HIN or CIN on the hull. This Boat maker is not owned by a parent company. Douglas Marine Corp has started making boats, yachts and other watercraft as of 5/26/1978.

More details at the US Coast Guard.

The US Coast guard provides this comment about this watercraft manufacturer: Jamespatrick-rni-email-010620-mfg Pkg Mailed-010720. 08/30/2001 Update Per Rni. 7/8/2011 Back In Business Per Cg-54223..

There are 4 boat Recalls for Douglas Marine Corp, the boat maker:

Douglas Marine Corp Boat Recalls for this MIC (DUX): 4.

1-douglas Marine Corp Has Recalled (hin Or Cin) Due To Noncompliance And And This Boat Recall Is Closed. It Applied To 89 Boats From The 78 79 Dux00000-29 Model Boats. The Boat Recalls Applied On 1/1/1980 And Was Closed On With The Following Comment: Cur Received

2-douglas Marine Corp Has Recalled Dux-2705e102 (hin Or Cin) Due To Electrical System And Fuel System And This Boat Recall Is Closed. It Applied To 11 Boats From The 2001 32 Skater And 46 Skater Model Boats. The Boat Recalls Applied On 7/2/2001 And Was Closed On 2/23/2006 With The Following Comment: No Blower Warning Labels. No Overcurrent Protection On Ungrunded Conductor From Battery To Console. No Boots, Nipples, Or Caps. No Protection Of Positive Battery Terminal. No Protection Of Positive Terminal Of Starter Motor. Fuel Tanks Integral With Hull. No Anti-siphon Protection. Fuel Fill Hose Not Double Clamped. No Certification Labels. Hin Model Year Not Correct. No Duplicate Hin. No Chafing Protection For Wires Through Bulkheads. Fuel System Not Pressure Tested. Fuel Pumps Not Within 12 Inches Of Engine. Pde Sent Letter 4/11/02. Dnrs And Letter Rcd. 5/17/02. 08/08/02 Cur #1 Recvd 7/31/02. Cur Reminder Sent 11/27/02. Cur #2 Recd 12/9/02 Cur #3 Recd 3/7/03. Cur Rec'd 12/29/05. Fixed 5/11.

3-douglas Marine Corp Has Recalled Na (hin Or Cin) Due To Fuel System And Fuel System And This Boat Recall Is Closed. It Applied To 1 Boats From The Na 'skater 388' Ib Powered Boat Model Boats. The Boat Recalls Applied On 9/15/2011 And Was Closed On 12/20/2017 With The Following Comment: (1) 183.550(a), (2) 183.550(c), (3) 183.514(a), (4) 183.558, (5) 183.542, (6) 183.630(d) See Dn Letter For More Details, Dn Letter Sent 10/12/11 Jdh. Package Recd- Mnf Appeal Being Handled By Ej And Mj- Jdh 11/15/11. Per Ej Convo 1/18/12, Dn Process Is Moving Forward, Tanks Are No Longer Considered Integral. Emailed Mnf 12/11/13 Jk. Emailed Mnf Strong Email 1/23/14 Jk. Mnf Sent In Cur Fwd To Ej 4/16/14 Jk. 4/23/14 Inf Mnf We Need Dnr, Proposed Fixes, Recall Letters. Eaj. Spoke With Mnf (mike) Who Will Send Dnr And Cur In Soon 7/21/14 Jk. 9/15/14 Dnr And Cur Received Dated 4/14/14 Awaiting Most Recent Cur. Eaj. 9/24/14 Cur 1- 3 Of 23 Repaired. Eaj. Lvm About Past Due Cur 1/15/15 Jk. 3/10/15 Cur 2 - 4 Of 21 Repaired. Eaj 8/26/15 - Spoke To Mnf (mike) Requested New Cur. 12/8/15 Cur 3 - 5 Of 21 Repaired. Eaj Called Mnf For Cur #4 And Sent Email 4/13/16 Jt. Called Lv And Sent Follow Up Email Requesting Cur #4. He Resubmitted The Same Cur From 12/8/15 5/19/16 Jt. 6/1/16 Cur 4 - 5 Of 21 Repaired. 1 Did Not Have The Problem. Eaj. Next Cur Due 9/1/16. Called And Reminded Mnf About Past Due Cur 10/6/16 Jt. Frwd Ej Cur 10/13/16 Jt. 10/13/16 Cur 5 - 6 Of 21 Repaired. 1 Did Not Have The Problem. Eaj Called And Lv And Sent Email 3/8/17, 4/12/17 Jt. 4/12/17 Cur 6 - No Changes Since Cur 5 8/16/17- Lm Requesting Cur- Cc 9/21/17 Spoke W Mnf Who Said She Or Mike Will Send Cur. Gave Her Eajs Contact Info-cc 9/5/17 Cur 7 No Change 12/19/17 Called Mnf To Remind Cur 8 Due-cc 12/20/17 Cur 8 - 6 Of 21 Repaired. Case Closed Due To Stabalized Response With No Additional Incedents. Ej

4-douglas Marine Corp Has Recalled See Below (hin Or Cin) Due To Fuel System And Hull Id Number And This Boat Recall Is Open. It Applied To 11 Boats From The 2019 380 Inboard Model Boats. The Boat Recalls Applied On 10/29/2018 And Was Closed On With The Following Comment: Dux19951h819-3837 (1) The Fuel Fill Line Installed On The Boat In Production Was Not A Uscg Type A Or B Hose. The Other Fuel System Hoses Were Not Yet Installed. This Is A Repeat Issue Of Noncompliance. This Same Issue Of Noncompliance (for All Fuel System Hoses) Was Reported To You For The Previous Factory Inspection On September 15, 2011. As Stated In The Resulting Uscg Letter Of October 12, 2011 (under Case 11r4480) You Were Required To Complete A Correction Campaign For This Issue Of Noncompliance. (2) Additional Characters (-3837) Were Displayed At The End Of The 12-character Hin. If Retained, The Additional Information Must Be At Least Two Inches Away From The Hin, Separated By Means Of Borders, Or On A Separate Label. (3) The Primary Hull Identification Number (hin) Was Affixed Low On The Inboard Side Of The Starboard Catamaran Hull, Likely Below The Waterline. The Hin Would Not Be Visible With The Boat Waterborne. For Such Boats Without A Standard Transom, You Have The Option To Move The Hin To The Starboard Outboard Side Of The Hull. The Coast Guard Considers Item (1) To Present A Significant Danger To Purchasers Of This Boat Model. You Are To Conduct A Defect Notification And Correction Campaign 10/30/18 Mailed W Cur/dnr-cc 12/12/18 Lm For Mike W Front Desk-cc 1/16/19 Spoke W Mike Who Said He Would Turn In Dnr, 1st Purchaser List To Len. Provided Contact Info (changed From Eaj Due To Furlough-cc 1/18/2019 Rcvd Dnr And List Of First Purchasers. Directed Mfr By Email To Provide Tech Bulletin And Letter To First Purchasers. Len 1/23/2019 Rcvd Nc Tech Bulletin And Letter To First Purchaser. Replied By Email To Mfr Providing Further Direction For Both Documents. Len 2/29/19 Em Mfr For Update-cc 3/4/19 As Per Conversation With Wh Flag This As High Importance-cc 4/4/19 Brought To Lens Attention-cc 5/1/2019 Rcvd Tech Bulletin And First Purchaser Dn Resp Form. Directed Mfr To Generate The First Cur. Len 5/8/2019 Cur 1 Rcvd. 0 Repaired Of 25. Replied By Email Asking Mfr For Pdf Curs. Len 8/21/19 Em Mfr For Next Cur-cc 9/9/2019 Cur 2 Rcvd. 0 Repaired Of 25. Replied By Email Asking About Slow Repair Rate. Len

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