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Success! STR0071DM75D is of the standard HIN type called Model-Year HIN. If you are buying this boat/craft then you should get the Boat-Alert History for 19.99$ from this certified boat history report provider.

STR = Starcraft (In Business)
0071D = Boat Serial Number
M = HIN format is Model-Year. Always has M at position nine (1972-1984)
75D = Production date November 1975

HIN Decoder Details for STR0071DM75D:

Our HULL ID Decoder breaks down the Hull identification number into the following information:

The HIN or CIN you have entered meets the Model-Year HIN format. It might also be a type that contains the country code and thus the boat comes from USA or Other . The serial number of the HIN is 0071D and is set by the boat builder. This boat or vessel has a Certification Date of (1975) and a Model Year of 1975 with month of build (November) based on the formatting of your hull_identification_number (HIN) .

The manufacturer identification code (MIC) of your craft identification number (CIN or HIN) is STR. This MIC (STR) stands for the company name Starcraft which is currently In Business. This boat manufacturer has other company names (STR sometimes goes by these name(s) Monark, Spectrum, Fisher, or Northwood). This could happen if the US Coast Guard reissued the MIC to a new company after one went out of business.

This company (Starcraft) is owned by David Frey and is located at Po Box 65 in New Paris state of In. It manufactured this vessel and placed your HIN or CIN on the hull. The Parent Company for this boat maker is SMOKER CRAFT, INC. (SMK) Starcraft has started making boats, yachts or other watercraft as of 6/4/1973.

The Model Name is uncertain for this Starcraft (STR0071DM75D). But we have approximations: SEAFARER or ISLANDER or SUPER SPORT 18 or SF14 or RF1603 or SF 14 O B or SF14 OB or CHIEFTAIN 18 or SUPERSPORT.

Contribute a better one to the database please:

Make sure to compare the date of boat manufacturing with the dates in which the company was actually in business.

The US Coast guard provides this comment about this watercraft manufacturer: See (dem) O'day Using This Code 86&87. See Xdy,ray,cab,sur Also Has Fmc From Fisher Marine, Building Utility, V-bottom Fishing (rivetted), Pontoons & Fiberglass Boats At This Location; See (bmd) (fmc) & (bff). Northwood Was Private Label Mfg 1991-1993. 970107 Starcraft No Longer Owned By Brunswick; Acquired By Employees. See Also (plx) & (mnx). Starcraft Marine Llc Produces Starcraft & Monark; Tracker Marine Produces Fisher & Spectrum. 04/28/2001 Updated Per Rni. Note: Starcraft Shares Some Resources With Smoker/sylvan (smk) & (syl). Str, Along With Mnk And Plx Merged With Smk On May 08. Also Changed Poc From Merle Graybill To David Frey. All Production Moved From Topeka To New Paris, In..

CompanyStatusIn Business
CompanyAddressNew Paris In Po Box 65

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We did a search and no U.S. Official Documentation Number for STR0071DM75D was found at the USCG.
We searched the Official Transport Canada database and STR0071DM75D did not have a match.

More details at the US Coast Guard.

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There are 8 boat Recalls for your Starcraft vessel:

Starcraft Boat Recalls for your HIN and MIC: 8.

1-starcraft Marine Has Recalled Str14595b808 (hin Or Cin) Due To Ventilation And And This Boat Recall Is Closed. It Applied To 104 Boats From The 2008 1900 Io Model Boats. The Boat Recalls Applied On 2/21/2008 And Was Closed On 9/16/2010 With The Following Comment: Natural Ventilation System Supply And Exhaust Openings Must Meet Minimum Aggregate Regulations. 4/16/08 Rec'd Dnr. 6/104 Corrected. 26/104 Corrected 9/18/2008. 34/104 Corrected 1/12/09. Cur Rec'd 3/23/09. 37/104 Corrected. Emailed Dave Frey And Left Vm On 8/18/09 Jdh Asking For Update Within One Week. Recd Cur 6 8/25/09 38/104 Corrected Next Cur Due 11/25/09 Jdh. Recd Cur 7 39/104 Corr 2/10/10, Next Cur 5/12/10 Jd. Emailed Mnf To Remind Him Abotu Cur Due Jdh 5/20/10. Cur 8 Recd. 38/104 Corr, Req One More Cur Jdh 6/2/10. Emailed Mnf 9/13/10 To Remind About Cur Jdh. Recd Cur 9, 9/16/10 Jdh- No Change, Mnf Requests Closure Again Due To No Change In Last Year. Campaign No Longer Monitored 9/16/10 Jdh Pre Plc.

2-starcraft Marine Llc Has Recalled (hin Or Cin) Due To Fuel Fill Fitting Cracks And Fuel Fill Fitting Cracks And This Boat Recall Is Closed. It Applied To 1501 Boats From The 1995 See File Model Boats. The Boat Recalls Applied On 9/13/1995 And Was Closed On 3/4/1999 With The Following Comment: Both Starcraft (str) And Fisher Marine (fmc).starcraft Stardeck 200 Dlx, 240 Dlx And 180, 1700, 1709, 1710, 1800ss, 1810, 1810ss, 1811, 2010. 2010ss, 2012, 2210ss, 2212, Starship 2000, Tp 160 T, Tp 160, Tp 170, Tp 180 . Fisher Marine Freedom 200 Dlx, 240 Dlx, 220 Fish, 260 Grande, Fr200s. Monark Sun Spa 200, 240, 260, Pro 1800, 1800dc, 1800fs. Spectrum 20 Cruiser Dlx, 24 Cruiser Dlx/ Cur 1 Rcvd 01 Feb 96. Cur 2, Cur 2 Rcvd 30 Apr 96, Cur 3 Rcvd 6 Aug 96 - Rjd 11/96 Rcvd Cur 4. 02/97 Rcvd Cur 5. 05/97 Cur 6 Rcvd. Cur 07 Rcvd 08/97, Cur 08 Rcvd 11/97, Cur 09 Rcvd. Cur 10 Rcvd 6/98, Cur 11 Rcvd 8/98, Cur 12 Rcvd 11/98 Closed

3-starcraft Marine Llc Has Recalled Str & Mnx (hin Or Cin) Due To Nav Light - Height And And This Boat Recall Is Closed. It Applied To 104 Boats From The 1999 Deckboat Model Boats. The Boat Recalls Applied On 2/17/1999 And Was Closed On 1/25/2001 With The Following Comment: 990224 Sent Forms. All-around White Not High Enough; Will Not Show 360 Deg With Canvas Top Up. 990325 Dnr Rcvd. 990607 Cur 1 Rcvd. 990908 Cur 2 Rcvd. 991208 Cur 3 Rcvd. 000307 Cur 4 Rcvd. 000619 Cur 5 Rcvd. 000914 Cur 6 Rcvd. 001207 Cur 7 Rcvd.

4-starcraft Marine Llc Has Recalled Stra25tah596 (hin Or Cin) Due To Safe Load: Max Wt And Safe Load: Pers And This Boat Recall Is Closed. It Applied To 50 Boats From The 1996 12 Sk Model Boats. The Boat Recalls Applied On 7/29/1997 And Was Closed On With The Following Comment:

5-starcraft Marine Has Recalled Str85114a505 (hin Or Cin) Due To Ventilation And Ventilation And This Boat Recall Is Closed. It Applied To 556 Boats From The 2005 Aurora 2000 Io Model Boats. The Boat Recalls Applied On 3/3/2005 And Was Closed On 10/24/2007 With The Following Comment: Dn Issue 1.the Natural Supply And Exhaust Ventilation Area Should Be A Minimum Of 12.96 Sq.in. Each. Two 3-inch Supply Openings And Two 3-inch Exhaust Hoses Were Installed For An Aggregate Supply Opening Of 14.2 Sq.in And An Aggregate Exhaust Opening Of 14.2 Sq.in. However, Decorative Grills Installed On Both The Supply And Exhaust Openings Reduced This Area From 14.2 Sq.in. To 8.3 Sq.in. Fp Issue 2. An Opening In The Bulkhead And Deck Located Between The Fuel Tankand Engine Compartments Exceeded 2% Of That Bulkhead And Deck Area. 050404 Assigned 050016s To Smokercraft Portion Of This Campaign. Rec'd Cur 344/556 Units Corrected. 10/24/07 Campaign Closed After No Progress For 6 Months.

6-starcraft Has Recalled (hin Or Cin) Due To Electrical Bonding Wire And At Fuel Fill And This Boat Recall Is Closed. It Applied To 451 Boats From The 1992 171, 171, 191, 211 Model Boats. The Boat Recalls Applied On 8/13/1992 And Was Closed On 11/22/1996 With The Following Comment: Risk Of Static Spark. Letter From Mfg 09/16/96. 450 Boats Identified. 407 First Purchasers Notified 113 Boats Found To Have The Defect 113 Corrected.

7-starcraft Marine Has Recalled Us-str98540b707 (hin Or Cin) Due To Ventilation And And This Boat Recall Is Closed. It Applied To 34 Boats From The 2007 Starstep 200 Inboard Deck Boat Model Boats. The Boat Recalls Applied On 3/5/2007 And Was Closed On 3/1/2010 With The Following Comment: The Engine Compartment Natural Supply And Exhaust Ventilation Openings Were Of Insufficient Size For The Compartment Net Volume. The Gasoline Engine Space Was Open To Additional Compartments Forward Of The Engine Space. The Total Net Compartment Volume Of Approximately 124 Cubic Feet Requires A Minimum Aggregate Cross-sectional Area Of 16.0 Square Inshes For Both Natural Supply And Natural Exhaust. Two 3-inch Supply Vents And Two 3-inch Exhaust Ducts Were Installed, Which Provided An Aggregate Opening Of 14.2 Sq Inches For The Supply And 14.2 Square Inches For The Exhaust. Hull Vent Covers Reduced The Aggregate Opening Area To 11.0 Square Inches For Both Supply And Exhaust. Rec'd Dnr 4-16-07. 3/34 Corrected. Next Cur Due 07-16-07. Emailed Dave Frey 8/18/09 Jdh Asking For Update Within A Week. Recd Cur 8/25/09 32/34 Corrected Jdh. Recommend Closure. Spoke To Plc Concernign Status Of Campaign Jdh 9/17/09. Emailed Plc 2/19/10 To See If Response Fell Through Cracks Jdh. Plc Reported Having Enought O Close Case But No Dnr On File. Emailed D Frey To See If He Had It And As Of 3/1/10 He Is Looking Jdh. Dave Frey Emailed Dnr, Closed Per Plc Recommendations Jdh 3/1/10.

8-starcraft Marine Has Recalled Str39845g516 (hin Or Cin) Due To And And This Boat Recall Is Open. It Applied To 353 Boats From The 2016 Limited 2000 I/o I/b Sterndrive Model Boats. The Boat Recalls Applied On 9/21/2015 And Was Closed On With The Following Comment: (1)international Rules Rules, Annex I, 9(a)(i) & Inland Navigation Rules, 84.15(a) The Starboard Sidelight Was Not Aligned With The Centerline Of The Boat; The Light Was Aligned Off The Centerline Aft In Excess Of The Allowed Three Degrees. The Port Sidelight Was Properly Aligned With The Centerline Of The Boat. (2) 33cfr183.564(a) The Fuel Fill Opening On The Aft Edge Of The Hull Side Is Above And To The Side Of A Flush Mounted Deck Storage Box With Holes In The Bottom That Drain To The Boat Bilge. See Letter For Additionl Remarks For Item (2). Video Also Required. 09/23/15 - Mailed Fp 1 Letter. Pjm 2/9/16 Mfgr Provided Documentation Of Nav Light Fix. Eaj Waiting To Hear If Boats Are Out Of The Mfgr Control To Correct The Swim Platform Locker Holes. 2/29/16 Recall To Begin For Swim Platform. Eaj 5/31/16 Cur 1 0 Repaired To Date. Repair Kits To Be Sent Out Shortly. Ej 4/8/16 Dnr And Notification Received 353 Boats Covered Under Recall. Eaj . Lv And Sent Email About Cur 7/18/16 Jt. Called And Emailed 10/6/16 Jt. 8/29/16 Cur 2 17 Of 352 Corrected. Eaj. 11/21/16 Cur 3 - 17 Of 352. Eaj 2/27/17 Cur 4 - 19 Of 352. Ej 7/19 Spoke With Dave Who Said He Sent Update But Couldnt Find It In His Email. Dave Called Back, Found Letter Dated 5/30/17 And Said He Forwarded It To Eaj Again- Cc 5/30/17 Cur 5 19 Of 352. Ej 8/29/17 Cur 6 - 19 Of 352. Ej 12/8/17 Emailed Reminder For Cur 7-cc 12/11/17 Cur 7 - 19 Of 352. Ej 3/15/18 Sent Em Reminder For Cur-cc 3/19/18 Cur 9 20 Of 352 6/27/18 Em Reminder For Cur-cc 7/2/18 Cur 10 - Nc 10/11/18 Mfr Emailed And Will Submit #11 And Request Termination-cc 10/12/18 Cur 11 - 20 Of 352 011519 Em Mfr For Update Due To Eaj Furlough. Mfr Sent Cur Dated 12/20/18-cc 12/20/18 Cur 12 - 20 Of 352 Mfgr Requested Closure Obs Responded For More Detail Due To Low Completion Rate. Eaj 3/20/19 Em Mfr With Reminder-cc 3/25/19 Cur 13 - 20 Of 352 Repaired. Eaj 6/27/19 Em Mfr For Update-cc 6/27/19 Mfr Sent Cur To Eas 6/27/19 Cur 14 - Nc

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