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Success! LBBAP482D707 is of the standard HIN type called Current-Format HIN. If you are buying this boat/craft then you should get the Boat-Alert History for 19.99$ from this certified boat history report provider.

LBB = Lund Boats (In Business)
AP482 = Boat Serial Number
D7 = Manufactured April 2007
07 = Model year 2007

HIN Decoder Details for LBBAP482D707:

Our HULL ID Decoder breaks down the Hull identification number into the following information:

The HIN or CIN you have entered meets the Current-Format HIN format. It might also be a type that contains the country code and thus the boat comes from USA or Other . The serial number of the HIN is AP482 and is set by the boat builder. This boat or vessel has a Certification Date of (2007) and a Model Year of 2007 with month of build (April) based on the formatting of your hull_identification_number (HIN) .

The manufacturer identification code (MIC) of your craft identification number (CIN or HIN) is LBB. This MIC (LBB) stands for the company name Lund Boats which is currently In Business. This boat manufacturer has other company names (LBB sometimes goes by these name(s) Little Beaver Boats (oob), Lash Bros Boat Yard (oob), , or ). This could happen if the US Coast Guard reissued the MIC to a new company after one went out of business.

This company (Lund Boats) is owned by Chad Keskitalo and is located at Po Box 248 in New York Mills state of Mn. It manufactured this vessel and placed your HIN or CIN on the hull. The Parent Company for this boat maker is BRUNSWICK BOAT GROUP () Lund Boats has started making boats, yachts or other watercraft as of 4/1/2004.

The Model Name is Pro V SE for this Lund Boats (LBBAP482D707).
Feel free to suggest a correction:

Make sure to compare the date of boat manufacturing with the dates in which the company was actually in business.

The US Coast guard provides this comment about this watercraft manufacturer: Lbb Was Lash Bros Boat Yard. Martins Point. Friendship Me 04547. Oob 831227; Then Little Beaver Boats. Robt Voyles Rte 3 Box 27. Live Oak Fl 32060 (904)364-3660. Type 11 & 15 Inbus 920429 Oob 950823. Nelson's Wolverine (nwf) Acquired Molds From Little Beaver. 040331 Mic Reassigned To Lund Of Brunswick Corp; See (lun). 03/31/2004:mfg Handbook Mailed. 5/2/07: Jim Hegarty Was Replaced By Chris Lund As Company Poc. Updated Per Brunswick Email Dtd 18 Mar 09. See Bbb File For Hardcopy 052416; Mfr Is Building 5 Models Of Fiberglass Outboards Athe The Tn Location. They Are Producing 1 Model < 20 And 4 > 20. 110618 Manufacturer Is Building 2 Models In The Tn Location And Plans To Move Production To Their Mexico Location By Th End Of The Year..

ModelNamePro V SE
CompanyLund Boats
CompanyStatusIn Business
CompanyAddressNew York Mills Mn Po Box 248

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We did a search and no U.S. Official Documentation Number for LBBAP482D707 was found at the USCG.
We searched the Official Transport Canada database and LBBAP482D707 did not have a match.

More details at the US Coast Guard.

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There are 6 boat Recalls for your Lund Boats vessel:

Lund Boats Boat Recalls for your HIN and MIC: 6.

1-lund Boat Company Has Recalled (hin Or Cin) Due To Fuel Vent Line And And This Boat Recall Is Closed. It Applied To 750 Boats From The 2004-05 1600 Explorer (tiller & Ss) Model Boats. The Boat Recalls Applied On 8/16/2004 And Was Closed On 8/6/2007 With The Following Comment: Fastener May Have Penetrated Fuel Vent Line During Installation. 040915 Dnr Rcvd; See Case File For Hins. 041116 Cur 1 Rcvd. 050324 Sent Reminder Email. 050324 Cur 2 Rcvd. 061405 Cur 3 Rcvd - 76 Units Corrected, 282 Do Not Have Problem. 081105 Cur 4 Rcvd - 80 Corrected; 293 W/o Problem. 103105 Cur 5 Rcvd - 80 Corrected; 310 W/o Problem. 020806 Cur 6 Rcvd - 82 Corrected; 327 W/o Problem. 050107 Cur 10 - 86 Corrected; 341 W/o Problem.

2-lund Boats Has Recalled (hin Or Cin) Due To Level Flotation And And This Boat Recall Is Open. It Applied To 238 Boats From The Ssv-16 Model Boats. The Boat Recalls Applied On 2/26/2019 And Was Closed On With The Following Comment: Voluntary Recall Campaign From Testing Of Ssv-14. 022619 - Mnf Vol That Additional Foam Is Needed Under Splash Pan And Rear Seats. 032919 - Mnf Subm Dnls And Service Bulletins For Various Configurations. 040119 - Mnf Subm Dnr. 060119 - Cur1, 56 Uc 082919 - Cur2, 90 Uc

3-lund Boat Company Has Recalled Lbbbv1895j617 (hin Or Cin) Due To Engine Interference And And This Boat Recall Is Open. It Applied To 110 Boats From The 17-18 189 Tyee Gl, 189 Pro-v Gl Model Boats. The Boat Recalls Applied On 4/20/2018 And Was Closed On With The Following Comment: When The Engine Is Trimmed All The Way Up, The Hydraulic Steering Ram Hits The Transome Plate Causing Stress On The Main Steering Bolt And Washers. 4/27/18 Dnr And Supporting Docs Received 8/10/18 Reminder Sent For Late Cur 8/13/18 Cur 1 - 1 Of 110 Corrected. Ej 091619 - Cur2, 59 Uc

4-lund Boat Company Has Recalled Lbbhf001h516 (hin Or Cin) Due To Electrical System And And This Boat Recall Is Open. It Applied To 271 Boats From The 16-18 2075, 2175 Pro-v Model Boats. The Boat Recalls Applied On 3/12/2018 And Was Closed On With The Following Comment: Livewell Pump Out Is Fused And Labeled At 15 Amp And Should Be 5amp. Stereo Is Fused And Labeled At 10 Amp And Should Be 5amp. 5/9/18 Cur 1 - 52 Of 271 8/3/18 Cur 2 - 72 Of 271 Corrected. 3/15/19 Cur 3 98 Of 271

5-lund Boats Has Recalled Lbbe2206h819 (hin Or Cin) Due To Level Flotation And And This Boat Recall Is Open. It Applied To 70 Boats From The 2019 Ssv 14 Model Boats. The Boat Recalls Applied On 1/7/2019 And Was Closed On With The Following Comment: 1. Your Boat Did Not Meet 33 Cfr 183 Subpart G (flotation For Outboard Boats Rated For More Than 2 Hp) Requirements As Detailed In The Enclosed Uscg Safe Loading, Safe Powering, And Flotation Compliance Test Report. You Are Required Per 33 Cfr 179 To Conduct A Recall Campaign To Correct These Items, And The Procedures You Should Follow Are Detailed In The Next Section Of This Letter. Stability Test (starboard)failed Stability Test (port) Failed 1/8/18 Mailed W Enclosures-len Is Engineer Due To Plc Furlough-cc 2/6/19 Cert Receipt Received-cc 2/21/2019 Rcvd Dnr And Response Letter. Len Responded By Email That 19cg151s Reverts To Po Chang. Len 022219 - Info Mnf Proposed Repair (lowering Hp From 35 To 30 Bc 35 Is Not A Marketable Hp, 4p 590/1020/30hp) Must Be Retested First. Rcvd Dnr But Not Approved. Affected Hins Lbbe2197f819 To Lbbe2259b919. Plc 3/4/19 Passed All Tests Mailed With Enclosures-cc 032619 - Rcvd Dnls And Dnr.4/4/19 Rec Cert Receipt-cc 052819 - Cur1, 6 Uc 082819 - Cur2, 34 Uc

6-lund Boats Has Recalled (hin Or Cin) Due To Engine Mount And And This Boat Recall Is Open. It Applied To 56 Boats From The 2019 189 Tyee, 189 Pro-v Model Boats. The Boat Recalls Applied On 4/12/2019 And Was Closed On With The Following Comment: Engine Mounting Bolt Should Be Inserted From The Inside Out To Prevent Chafing And Interference With Steering System. Some Units Were Installed Incorrectly With The Bolt Head On The Outside. Repair Involves Inspection And Possible Replacement Of Steering System Components And Remounting Of The Bolts. 041219 - Rcvd Dnls. 041819 - Rcvd Dnr 061719 - Cur1, 9 Uc

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