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Success! HUN26104M84F is of the standard HIN type called Model-Year HIN. If you are buying this boat/craft then you should get the Boat-Alert History for 19.99$ from this certified boat history report provider.

HUN = Hunter Marine Corp (Out of Business)
26104 = Boat Serial Number
M = HIN format is Model-Year. Always has M at position nine (1972-1984)
84F = Production date January 1984

HIN Decoder Details for HUN26104M84F:

Our HULL ID Decoder breaks down the Hull identification number into the following information:

The HIN or CIN you have entered meets the Model-Year HIN format. It might also be a type that contains the country code and thus the boat comes from USA or Other . The serial number of the HIN is 26104 and is set by the boat builder. This boat or vessel has a Certification Date of (1984) and a Model Year of 1984 with month of build (January) based on the formatting of your hull_identification_number (HIN) .

The manufacturer identification code (MIC) of your craft identification number (CIN or HIN) is HUN. This MIC (HUN) stands for the company name Hunter Marine Corp which is currently Out of Business. This boat manufacturer has other company names (HUN sometimes goes by these name(s) Luhrs/mainship, , , or ). This could happen if the US Coast Guard reissued the MIC to a new company after one went out of business.

This company (Hunter Marine Corp) is owned by Joe Kerr and is located at 14700 Nw Us-441 in Alachua state of Fl. It manufactured this vessel and placed your HIN or CIN on the hull. The Parent Company for this boat maker is LUHR MARINE GROUP (LHR) Hunter Marine Corp has started making boats, yachts or other watercraft as of 5/9/1973 and went out of business on (2/20/2014) in the following country: USA.

The Model Name is uncertain for this Hunter Marine Corp (HUN26104M84F). But we have approximations: HUNT20 or HUNTER 19 or 20 or SAILBO or SAILBOAT or 22 SK or 25.5 or HUNTER or 255.

Contribute a better one to the database please:

Make sure to compare the date of boat manufacturing with the dates in which the company was actually in business.

The US Coast guard provides this comment about this watercraft manufacturer: 04/86 Requested Another Mic - No Way Jose - Check Bbs. See (lhu), (lhr), (mpc), Hun Hunter Marine A Separate Corp. Since Mid 1980's 4/4/92. 020326 Hunter Owns Jy Sailboats (jya).011006 Poc Change Was Steve Wedde. 022014 - Db - Mic Declared Out Of Business By Poc During A Physical Verification Visit..

CompanyHunter Marine Corp
CompanyStatusOut of Business
CompanyAddressAlachua Fl 14700 Nw Us-441

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We did a search and no U.S. Official Documentation Number for HUN26104M84F was found at the USCG.
We searched the Official Transport Canada database and HUN26104M84F did not have a match.

More details at the US Coast Guard.

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There are 8 boat Recalls for your Hunter Marine Corp vessel:

Hunter Marine Corp Boat Recalls for your HIN and MIC: 8.

1-hunter Marine Corp Has Recalled (hin Or Cin) Due To Chain Plate Failure And And This Boat Recall Is Closed. It Applied To 29 Boats From The 1999 P420 Model Boats. The Boat Recalls Applied On 8/8/2001 And Was Closed On 11/15/2001 With The Following Comment: 010808 Sent Dnr/curs. 010820 Dnr Rcvd. Outer Chainplate Assembly May Fail Causing De-masting Under Sail. One Failure Reported. Hun42100f899 . Hun42129a999. 011108 Cur 1 Rcvd.

2-hunter Marine Corp Has Recalled (hin Or Cin) Due To Thru Hull Ball Valve And And This Boat Recall Is Closed. It Applied To 1650 Boats From The 2002-05 Model Boats. The Boat Recalls Applied On 8/10/2006 And Was Closed On 2/24/2009 With The Following Comment: Ball Valve Thru-hull Supplied By Marine Hardware May Not Close When Handle Is Turned To Closed Position. Models & Hins: H240, Hun24462f203 - Hun24516c404; H260, Hunf0027a202 - Hunf0140b404; H270, Hunk0162f102 - Hunk0173d304; H27, Hun27101g405 - Hun27105j405; H306, Hun30465f102 - Hun30568c404; H326, Hun32255f102 - Hun32362i304; H33, Hun33101i304 - Hun33258j405; H356, Hun35101f102 - Hun35421f304; H36, Hun36101f304 - Hun36231j405; H38, Hun38101c405 - Hun38145j405; H386, Hun38718e102 - Hun38836c404; H410, Hun41332k102 - Hun41357h203; H41, Hun41101j102 - Hun41218j405; P420, Hun42189j102 - Hun42230j304; H426 / 44 Aft Cockpit, Hun4a101g203 - Hun4a155j405; H426 / 44 Deck Salon, Hun4d101d203 - Hun4d196j405; P450 / 456, Hun54272j102 - Hun45315i405; H460 / 466 / 46, Hun46270g203 - Hun46337j405. 102706 Cur 1 - 71 Corrected; 24 W/o Problem. 012507 Cur 2 - 313 Corrected; 24 W/o Problem. 051007 Cur 3 - 517 Corrected; 24 W/o Problem. Recvd Cur 4 - 539 Corrected; 61 W/o Problem. Recvd Cur 5 - 892 Corrected; 74 W/o Problem.

3-hunter Marine Corp Has Recalled Hun41224d900 (hin Or Cin) Due To Electrical System - Ign And And This Boat Recall Is Closed. It Applied To 146 Boats From The 2000 H410; P420; P450; H460 Model Boats. The Boat Recalls Applied On 5/11/2000 And Was Closed On 3/13/2001 With The Following Comment: H410, Hun41224d900 - Hun41270c000; P420, Hun42135e900 - Hun42153b000; P450, Hun45217f000 - Hun45245b000; And H460, Hun46115e900 - Hun46166c000 Except Hun46165c000. Ignition Switch May Stick In Crank Position, Overheating Wires And/or Starter Causing Fire. 000801 Cur 1 Rcvd. 001101 Cur 2 Rcvd. 010209 Cur 3 Rcvd.

4-hunter Marine Corp Has Recalled Hun28001f596 (hin Or Cin) Due To Electrical - Shock Hazard And And This Boat Recall Is Closed. It Applied To 85 Boats From The 1996 H-280 Model Boats. The Boat Recalls Applied On 3/29/1996 And Was Closed On 8/7/1997 With The Following Comment: Law Firm Has Client (manuf) Who May Have A Defect - Wanted Forms And Other Info. 960416 Dnr Recd. 960605 Cur 1 Rcvd. 960904 Cur 2 Rcvd. 970724 Sent Additional Forms.

5-hunter Marine Corp Has Recalled Hun17101k798 (hin Or Cin) Due To Rudder Head Assembly And And This Boat Recall Is Closed. It Applied To 183 Boats From The 1998-99 170 Daysailer Model Boats. The Boat Recalls Applied On 7/31/1998 And Was Closed On 1/6/1999 With The Following Comment: Hun17101k798 - Hun17283g899. 981005 Cur 1 Rcvd. 981217 Cur 2 Rcvd.

6-hunter Composites Technology Has Recalled Hun11500a606 (hin Or Cin) Due To Hull Id Number And Label; Capacity And This Boat Recall Is Closed. It Applied To 361 Boats From The 2006 Liberty Model Boats. The Boat Recalls Applied On 2/2/2006 And Was Closed On 5/30/2006 With The Following Comment: There Was No Dup Hin Affixed. The Number On A Separate Plate Was Attached Only By Pop Rivets. Fastening The Plate With An Adhesive In Addition To The Rivets Would Resolve The Issue. 060524 2/361 Units Corrected. Case Closed

7-hunter Marine Corp Has Recalled Hun......... (hin Or Cin) Due To Stemball Eye Fitting And And This Boat Recall Is Closed. It Applied To 127 Boats From The Passage 42 Sailboat Model Boats. The Boat Recalls Applied On 6/25/1993 And Was Closed On 4/18/1994 With The Following Comment: 930702 Dnr Cur's Sent To Manuf. 930915 Dnr Rec'd. 930920 Ltr To Manuf Requesting Copies Of Notices. 931112 Cur 1 Rec'd. 931118 Called Manuf To Remind Them To Send Copies Of Defect Notification Ltrs. 940126 Cur #2 Rec'd. Cur 3 Rec'd 940405. 940414 Closed.

8-hunter Marine Corp Has Recalled Hunal070i788 (hin Or Cin) Due To Fuel Tank - Corrosion And And This Boat Recall Is Closed. It Applied To 60 Boats From The 1988-89 Alura 35 Model Boats. The Boat Recalls Applied On 6/8/2000 And Was Closed On 8/18/2004 With The Following Comment: Limber (drainage) Holes May Have Been Inadvertenly Bonded Over During Construction. This Would Not Allow Fuel Tank Compartment To Drain And Could Result In Corrsoion Of The Fuel Tank. The Ultimate Result Would Be A Leaking Fuel Tank. 08/18/04. Closed Per Telecon With Luhrs. Awaiting Letter.