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Success! DCAS2035A696 is of the standard HIN type called Current-Format HIN. If you are buying this boat/craft then you should get the Boat-Alert History for 19.99$ from this certified boat history report provider.

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Our HULL ID Decoder breaks down the Hull identification number into the following information:

The HIN or CIN you have entered meets the Current-Format HIN format. It might also be a type that contains the country code and thus the boat comes from USA or Other . The serial number of the HIN is S2035 and is set by the boat builder. This boat or vessel has a Certification Date of (6) and a Model Year of 1996 with month of build (January) based on the formatting of your hull_identification_number (HIN) .

The manufacturer identification code (MIC) of your craft identification number (CIN or HIN) is DCA. This MIC (DCA) stands for the company name Duracraft Marine Llc which is currently Out of Business. This boat manufacturer has other company names (DCA sometimes goes by these name(s) Duracraft Marine Corporation, Back Bay Boat Inc (oob), , or ).

This company (Duracraft Marine Llc) is owned by Robbie Coates and is located at 8000 Wilson Blvd in Columbia state of Sc. It manufactured this vessel and placed your HIN or CIN on the hull. The Parent Company for this boat maker is BENTLEY INDUSTRIES(BNT)Duracraft Marine Llc has started making boats, yachts and other watercraft as of 3/8/1994 and went out of business on (11/11/2009) in the following country: USA.

The Model Name is uncertain for this Duracraft Marine Llc. But we have approximations: 1754SV or 1860 or 1748F or 1748FB or 1860DCBASS or 1548F or 1542SV or 1648SV.
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Make sure to compare the date of boat manufacturing with the dates in which the company was actually in business.

The US Coast guard provides this comment about this watercraft manufacturer: Mic History: Previously Back Bay Boat Inc - 2920 Burlington Ave - St Petersburg Fl 33713 - District 07 - Mso Tampa - Mfr Types 18 - Dates In And Out 10/28/77 And 6/16/83 -telephone (813)823-0127. 951013 Address Change Based On Case #950152 Correspondence; Was 101 Superior Dr. Johnlindley-rni-email & Mfg Pkg Mailed-010803.041223 Duracraft Marine Corp Bought By Bentley(bnt) Old Poc Samuel Davidson. 052107 Poc, Address, Phone Change Per Telcon Fm Manuf; Was Tim Burroughs 125 Superior Dr Delhi La 71232 3188782628.

IsValidYes - Integrity Check Passed
CompanyDuracraft Marine Llc
CompanyStatusOut of Business
CompanyAddressColumbia Sc 8000 Wilson Blvd

We did a search and no official Documentation Number for DCAS2035A696 was found at the USCG.

More details at the US Coast Guard.

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There are 4 boat Recalls for your Duracraft Marine Llc vessel:

Duracraft Marine Llc Boat Recalls for your HIN and MIC: 4.

1-duracraft Marine Corporation Has Recalled Dca......... (hin Or Cin) Due To Fuel Fill Fitting Cracks And Fuel Fill Fitting Cracks And This Boat Recall Is Closed. It Applied To 161 Boats From The 95/6 Various Model Boats. The Boat Recalls Applied On 9/13/1995 And Was Closed On 5/18/2001 With The Following Comment: 951011 Letter From Manuf Recd Stating That Attwood Will Be Conducting Their Campaign. 951018 Letter To Manuf Reminding Them That They Are Ultimately Responsible. 960429 Letter To Manuf - No Dnr Or Cur Recd Yet. 960510 Manuf Called - Wants Forms; 960510 Sent Forms. 960603 Dnr & Cur 1 Rcvd. 960712 Cur 2 Rcvd. 960812 Cur 3 Rcvd. 961112 Sent Additional Curs. 961114 Cur 4 Rcvd. 971027 Reminder Letter - No Curs Rcvd. 971118 Curs 5-8 Rcvd; Sent More Forms & Ltr About Completion Rate. 980209 Cur 9 Rcvd. 980709 Reminder Letter. 980728 Cur 10 & 11 Rcvd. 990407 Reminder. 991214 Reminder Phonecon. 000328 Reminder Phonecon.

2-duracraft Marine Corporation Has Recalled (hin Or Cin) Due To Level Flotation And Safe Load: Max Wt And This Boat Recall Is Closed. It Applied To 36 Boats From The 1995 1860 Fishing Boat Model Boats. The Boat Recalls Applied On 4/2/1996 And Was Closed On 10/28/1996 With The Following Comment: Duracraft Sent New Labels To Owners And Dealers. Owners Who Wanted Larger Engine Capacities Were Instructed To Bring In Boats For Addition Of Foam. Talked To Manuf On Oct 28. He Stated That All Boats Have Been Accounted For And Ones Needing Additional Foam Have Been Corrected. Case Closed.

3-duracraft Marine Corporation Has Recalled Dcac7201f697 (hin Or Cin) Due To Label - Capacity Wrong And And This Boat Recall Is Closed. It Applied To 68 Boats From The 1997-98 1436 Lhcr Model Boats. The Boat Recalls Applied On 5/28/1998 And Was Closed On 4/8/1999 With The Following Comment: 980529 Sent Forms. 980707 Dnr Rcvd. Dcac7201f697-dcac7237f797 & Dcac7001f798-dcac7031d898. 980921 Cur 1 Rcvd.

4-duracraft Marine Corporation Has Recalled (hin Or Cin) Due To Level Flotation And And This Boat Recall Is Closed. It Applied To 36 Boats From The 2002-03 18ipb&b And 18ipbass Model Boats. The Boat Recalls Applied On 2/20/2003 And Was Closed On 6/9/2005 With The Following Comment: 040121 Cur 4 Rcvd. Drg Takes Over Campaign From Gel. File Missing. Called Company Who Faxed Previous Paperwork. 040420 Cur 5 Rcvd. 040721 Cur 6 Rcvd. 041019 Cur 7 Rcvd - 19 Units Corrected.